Monday, February 28, 2011

Why throw the football ?

Many coaches ask me "why do you want to run a offense that devotes nearly 100% of its time and commitment in throwing the football", my answer is....... MOST high school athletes cant cover one on one. By going five wide you force teams to cover one on one thus being in my opinion the best formation to create match ups and space to throw the football. The passing game is one of the most under coached facets of high school football reason being every coach from the time they started has heard the saying "you HAVE TO run the football". Although this philosophy has won many football games and championships there are other ways to effectively move the football. Most high school offenses are based on there run game, in turn most if not all defenses are made to stop the run first THEN cover the pass (maybe), so why not expose that ?

Another argument or statement I hear coaches ask is "What if I don't have kids who can catch and throw ?". There isn't one skill set your naturally born with, its all developed. What if you don't have 5 or 6 kids that can block ? well you coach them the skills that are needed to accomplish that skill set, same goes with throwing and catching the football. Many kids when they first discover the game of football they pick the football up and play catch with there friends, so this skill is developed at a very young age. Athletes are very willing to develop this skill set because they enjoy this facet of the game of football and can increase this skill set year round in the gym. 

Plus throwing the football is fun and exciting......."Fun Football leads to optimistic Football that proceeds into positive Football that gives birth to winning Football"~ Glenn "TigerEllison

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For high-scoring Kenton, it’s all about winning

What could possibly make a coach like Kenton’s Mike Mauk install an unconventional offense, wrapped in seemingly foolish decision making?
In the first quarter of its season opener at Coldwater, Kenton went for it on 4th down inside its own 20 rather than punt. The Cavs held and scored. So did Kenton, winning 50-31 behind another numbers-heavy performance from Mauk’s son, Maty.
Who better to address the genesis of Kenton’s high-scoring air attack than the coach:
“We evolved into this (offense) basically to give us a chance to win,” Mike Mauk said.
“We wanted to try and two-platoon and get as many guys involved and playing as we could so we didn’t have anyone playing both ways. We put our bigger, stronger guys on defense and put the guys who were a little more athletic on offense.
“Plus, it’s something our guys can do all year long. They can throw in the gym, they can throw in the spring and summer. What they do then is what they do in the season. For us, it gives us a chance to be competitive with teams that normally we wouldn’t be able to do so.”
Alter (10-2) will play Kenton (11-1) in a D-VI, Region 16 final on Friday at Wapakoneta.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Otto Zeman "The Five Wide Offense"






The best 5 wide high school in the country, Kenton High School....

The videos below are from Kenton High School (Kenton, OH) one of the best passing teams in the country led by head coach Mike Mauk (hopefully a future article writer). His son Ben Mauk formerly of Wake Forest and University of Cincinnati set NATIONAL passing and scoring records. Currently his youngest son Maty Mauk is lighting up the score board.

Ben Mauks stats
  • Total Yards, Career 1st, 19,628 1999-2002 (17,364 passing, 2,264 rushing)
  • Total Yards, Season 1st, 7,928 2002 (6,540 passing, 1,388 rushing) 2nd, 6,727 2001 (5,770 passing, 957 rushing)
  • Total Yards, Per Game 1st, 528.5 2002 (7,928/15) 2nd, 448.5 2001 (6,727/15) 5th, 395.5 2000 (3,955/10)
  • Passing yards per game 1st, 436.0ypg (2002) 4th, 384.7ypg (2001)
  • Most Passing Attempts, Career 1st, 1,905 (1999-2002)
  • Most Passing Attempts, Season 1st, 674 (2001) 2nd, 669 (2002)
  • Most Passing Attempts, Per Game 4th, 44.9 2001 (674/15) 5th, 44.6 2002 (669/15)
  • Most Completions, Career 2nd, 1,095 (1999-2002)
  • Most Completions, Season 2nd, 413 (2002) 3rd, 369 (2001)
  • Most Completions, Per Game 3rd, 27.5 (2002) 9th, 24.6 (2001)
  • TD Passes, Career 2nd, 178 (1999-2002)
  • TD Passes, Season 2nd, 76 (2002) 12th, 60 (2001)
  • Passing Yards, Career 1st, 17,364 (1999-2002)
  • Passing Yards, Season 1st, 6,540 (2002) 2nd, 5,770 (2001) 57th, 3,936 (2000)

The Five Wide Offense "The Offense of the future"

The "Five Wide Offense" is a highly explosive offense that operates exclusively from a five wide receiver formation. This blog is dedicated to teams around the country that sell out to this philosophy.